How to make quick, easy, non-toxic sunscreen at home and save money

How to make quick, easy, non-toxic sunscreen at home and save money

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer several years ago I educated myself on all the toxins we consume in our everyday products and food. I read a lot of articles and research on the ingredients in popular and not-so-popular sunscreen brands yet I was always left confused by this particular product. There was a lot of conflicting information about brands and a lot of strange ingredients. Finally, I said, fuck it, I’m making my own! What I was happy to discover is that it is super simple to make sunscreen at home and it will save you a ton of money! All with natural ingredients that are easily obtained and easy to pronounce; much unlike the ingredients you will read on a store-bought sunscreen bottle. Now I make my own sunscreen, I know exactly what I am putting on my skin, and I don’t worry about harmful ingredients.

Ingredients in homemade sunscreen

I’ve broken down the costs based on what I paid for my ingredients and how much I used. I did buy my beeswax pellets at a wholesaler but beeswax is quite easy to find these days and can easily be purchased online. I bought a 1 litre bottle of almond oil at a small grocery store, coconut oil at my local pharmacy and bought the zinc and carrot seed oil online. You can make this recipe without carrot seed oil but I really like using it because it is so good for your skin and has a high SPF. I used lavender essential oil because that is a popular oil that many people may have at home already. I also used vanilla essential oil. If you have a nut allergy, you can substitute the almond oil for olive oil.

1/2 cup of Almond oil – $1.16

1/4 cup coconut oil – $0.68

1/4 cup beeswax – $1.41

2 tbsp zinc – $0.88

1 tsp carrot seed oil – $0.23

10 drops of essential oils of your choice*

*Do not use any citrus-based essential oils as they are phototoxic (For example bergamot, orange, lime, lemon, tangerine essential oils)
Total cost for 250ml of natural sunscreen: $4.09 (CAD)

You will also need some containers to pour your sunscreen into. I used two 125ml mason jars but I have also re-used other jars I have had around the house.

Step by step instructions to making natural sunscreen at home

  1. Pour all of the ingredients except for the essential oils and the zinc into a large glass jar.
  2. Fill a pot with water and place over medium heat.
  3. Place the glass jar in the pot as the water heats. Use a dish towel or oven mitts to hold the jar and stir as the ingredients melt.
  4. Once all of the ingredients have fully melted, remove the jar from the pot and place on a heat pad.
  5. Add your drops of essential oil.
  6. Add the zinc and stir in well (once you add the zinc, the mixture will start to cool and harden. Be sure to start stirring right away and stir very well)
  7. Poor the contents into your glass containers right away before the sunscreen solidifies.
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